Student Resources

Overview: Student Resources

This section is for students. If you have something to post, or helpful information to link to or pass on, please email me and I will include it.

DSPT Director of Student Services, Colleen Power

For questions and comments or to say hello, email the Director of Student Services, Colleen Power, at .

Please come by my office whenever you need to chat with someone about life, academics, the faculty, the staff, or life in the Bay Area and at DSPT.

For useful quick links, go to the Current Students Landing Page.

It is important that students use their email account assigned by the school. This is the account that the faculty and staff will use to get you important information about your courses, registration, upcoming events, crime alerts, etc. Visit our page to learn how to log into your account and forward emails from your student account to your regular email.

Hungry? GTU offers regular dining services at D'Autremont Dining Hall. Go to our GTU Food Services Page for hours of operation and information about meal plans. You may also be interested in our Restaurant Guide for information about other food options in the neighborhood.

Looking for a book for class, for your thesis, or to read for fun? Visit our Libraries & Bookstores section for information about the libraries you have access to as a DSPT student, as well as online and local bookstores.

Need some help with footnotes, writing a paper, or finding a passage from the Summa? Our Academic Resources section includes many helpful links and tips for surviving academia.

Looking to connect with other students, alumni, and members of the DSPT community from the comfort of your room? Check out the DSPT Facebook Page, DSPT Linked-In Page, and ASDSPT Facebook Page. You can also check out the ASDSPT Blog and Dominican Student Friar's Blog on blogspot.

Feeling a bit out of sorts staying inside reading and studying all day? Visit our Health & Wellness page for information about how to enroll at the Cal Rec Club, and Downtown Berkeley YMCA.

Maybe you've awoken from your studies to realize you want to go to Mass. Visit our Spiritual & Prayer Life page for information about local churches, mass times, etc. You are also invited to join DSPT every Tuesday at 11:10 am for Mass, celebrated by the Dominican Fathers on our Faculty, and lunch.

So now you've eaten, studied, and prayed and are looking for some fun. Join DSPT every Tuesday night for student run events like Owl of Minerva student Philosophy Forum, Dumb Ox student Theology Forum, Philosophy Movie Night, and more.

For weekend entertainment, visit our Life in the Bay Area page for links to local restaurants, art galleries, movie theaters, bars, music venues, and other local attractions.

Now you may be wondering, "How can I pay for all of the wonderful things DSPT and the Bay Area offer?" Visit Career Services for information about student jobs at DSPT, enrolling in the part time job email group, helpful links and tips for finding employment, and for details about full time job opportunities. Also, remember to apply for Financial Aid.

The Bay Area is a beautiful place to live. As Woody Guthrie sings, "California is a Garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see," but sometimes unpleasant things happen. To learn what to do in case of an earthquake, if your laptop is stolen, or to sign up for crime and other emergency alerts, visit our Safety & Emergency Resource page.

Looking for a place to live in the Bay Area? Our Housing page has information about DSPT community living in addition to resources for finding an apartment beyond Holy Hill.

All students are required to have health insurance in order to register at DSPT. You can find information about GTU Health Insurance through Kaiser here.

Am I missing anything? Please email me with ideas about other links or pages you would like to find here.