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Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

A Theology Program for Working Professionals
"Careers are great for producing excellence and professional satisfaction, but they don't produce wisdom. Wisdom is what is lacking in ordinary education, but that is what the MTS program produces. I knew that going into the program, but it's so much better than I hoped. Whether it's from the writings of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas or from the faculty or the College of Fellows, wisdom has its own sweetness. It's good for the soul". -Thomas Greerty, Attorney at Law, MTS Student

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Interview with Sr. Marianne Farina, CSC, Program Coordinator
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Integrating faith and work is one of the hallmarks of mature spiritual development. Yet for many Catholic adults, religious education โ€“ if there was any โ€“ ends before careers begin, and these two parts of life become compartmentalized. The DSPT Master of Theological Studies program allows working professionals to study, grow and gain a solid philosophical and theological foundation from which their work can be empowered and transformed. DSPT StudentStudents work in areas such as business, health care, education, social work, fine arts, the Church, and other related fields. Through the MTS program, they develop a stronger sense of confidence to bring faith to their professional lives.

A Program Like No Other

Not all MTS programs are alike โ€“ some are designed to prepare students for advanced doctoral studies; others for personal enrichment, or parish-based ministry. The MTS program at DSPT is unique because it takes seriously the professional experience of its students, and weaves that experience into the ongoing philosophical and theological conversations of our community of scholars. Students also have access to the DSPT College of Fellows, a group of Catholics distinguished in their professional fields who actively integrate their careers with the mission of the Church.

Program Overview

DSPT StudentEnvisioned as a two-year program, the MTS curriculum requires 48 semester units of coursework which can be distributed over a maximum period of five years to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals. Courses include a core set of MTS seminars as well as offerings from the various schools within the Graduate Theological Union.

Working alongside masters and doctoral students from both DSPT and the other schools of the GTU, MTS students experience a breadth of perspectives and insights, while at the same time offering their own practical wisdom and intellectual maturity to the learning environment.

Interview with Sr. Marianne Farina, CSC, MTS Program Coordinator