Theology Programs

Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS)

DSPT Classroom 3The Certificate of Theological Studies is a non-degree program designed for those who wish to pursue studies in the academic milieu and theological tradition of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT) for their own personal enrichment under the guidance and supervision of the faculty. The Certificate of Theological studies is also designed for those individuals who are seeking a refreshing sabbatical through the Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS), an affiliated institution of DSPT. ISS participants who are foreign nationals must have an I-20 student visa in order to participate in this program.

A faculty advisor helps the student select courses that are consonant with the student's own interests and abilities. Students may choose to focus their studies by taking courses from one of our areas of concentration for the Master of Arts (Theology). They may take the courses pass/fail or for a letter grade. Upon successful completion of four courses (12 units), the student is awarded a Certificate of Theological Studies.

For more information about this and other non-degree opportunities, see the non-degree programs page of our Admissions section.