Study Abroad

Overview: Study Abroad

At the Angelicum (Rome, Italy)

DSPT - Angelicum, Rome, ItalyIn cooperation with the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), DSPT offers a semester of study in Rome for students in the DSPT Master of Arts (Theology) program. To qualify for this opportunity, students must have completed at least 24 semester units of coursework in the MA (Theology) program at the Berkeley campus. Because of the time involved in procuring necessary documentation, interested students should begin the application process one year before the anticipated time of study.

At Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University (Oxford, England)

DSPT - Blackfriars, Oxford UniversityIn cooperation with Blackfriars Hall, DSPT offers a time of study at Oxford University for students in the Concurrent MAPh/MATh program. Given the nature of the program at Blackfriars Hall, students are expected to spend an entire year abroad – usually the second year – of their concurrent program. Students in other DSPT programs may inquire about the possibility of a semester of study by contacting the Academic Dean.