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Fall 2009 at DSPT:

Course #

Course Title/Syllabus




BS-2002 external link INTERMEDIATE HEBREW I pdf Green M/TH 08:10AM-09:30AM
OT-1065 external link OLD TESTAMENT FOUNDATIONS pdf Green M/TH 11:10AM-12:30PM
NT-2235 external link THE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS pdf Paretsky M/TH 09:40AM-11:00AM
NT-4665 external link APOCALYPTIC LITERATURE pdf Paretsky T 02:10PM-05:00PM
HS-2195 external link CHURCH: MODERN TO CONTEMPORARY pdf Boenzi M/TH 08:10AM-09:30AM
HSST-2310 external link HSTRY OF CHRISTIAN ESCHATOLOGY pdf Thompson M/TH 12:40PM-02:00PM
HS-2881 external link DON BOSCO FOUNDER pdf Lenti M/TH 08:10AM-09:30AM
HSSP-4342 external link MEDIEVAL MYSTICS SEMINAR pdf Thompson T 12:40PM-03:30PM
HS-5122 external link EARLY CHRISTIANITY (TO 800) pdf Ludwig F 02:10PM-05:00PM
PHHS-1050 external link HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY: ANCIENT pdf Ludwig T/F 09:40AM-11:00AM
PH-1056 external link PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE pdf Dodds M/TH 09:40AM-11:00AM
PH-1115 external link ARISTOTELIAN LOGIC pdf James S 09:30AM-12:30PM
PH-1200 external link PHILOSOPHY FOR THEOLOGY pdf Vega TH 09:40AM-12:30PM
PH-2000 external link MODERN PHILOSOPHY pdf Ramelow M/TH 08:10AM-09:30AM
PH-2900 external link PHILOSOPHY OF SOCIETY pdf Vega T/TH 02:00PM-03:30PM
PHRA-4321 external link PHILOSOPHICAL AESTHETICS I pdf Ramelow TH 12:40PM-03:30PM
ST-1710 external link THEOLOGY: METHOD & STRUCTURE pdf Kromholtz T/F 08:10AM-09:30AM
ST-2232 external link HISTRCL DVLPMNT OF CHRISTOLOGY pdf Krasevac M/TH 11:10AM-12:30PM
ST-2528 external link SACRAMENTS OF INITIATION pdf Kromholtz T/F 12:40PM-02:00PM
STSP-3080 external link INTERACTIVE EVANGELISM pdf Roche M/TH 11:10AM-12:30PM
STPH-3095 external link THE ONE CREATOR GOD pdf Dodds T 12:40PM-03:30PM
STHS-4152 external link INTERPRETING VATICAN II pdf Schenk T 12:40PM-03:30PM
STHS-5111 external link HISTORY OF THEOLOGY: 1914-1965 pdf Schenk F 12:40PM-03:30PM
CE-2045 external link FUNDAMENTAL MORAL THEOLOGY pdf Krasevac M/TH 08:10AM-09:30AM
CE-3050 external link CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING pdf Farina T/F 09:40AM-11:00AM
PS-1248 external link ISSUES IN PASTORAL COUNSELING pdf Ormond T 08:10AM-11:00AM
HM-1073 external link FOUNDATIONS OF PREACHING pdf Propst T 08:10AM-11:00AM
HM-1073 external link FOUNDATIONS OF PREACHING pdf Propst T 12:40PM-03:30PM
HM-2230 external link LITURGICAL PREACHING pdf Propst F 08:10AM-11:00AM
LSFT-2404 external link CELEBRATION OF THE SACRAMENTS pdf Renz M 12:40PM-03:30PM
RAHS-1604 external link CHRISTIAN ICONOGRAPHY pdf Morris TH 09:40AM-12:30PM
RA-4194 external link RELIGION, MUSIC & IMMORTALITY pdf Girard F 12:40PM-03:30PM
RAHS-4900 external link THEOLOGICAL CRISES & U.S. FILM pdf Morris T 07:00PM-10:00PM
HRST-2083 external link CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM DIALOGUE pdf Farina T 07:10PM-09:40PM
SPFT-2825 external link YOUTH SPIRITUALITY pdf Greenan M 07:10PM-09:40PM
SP-4337 external link DEVOUT & DIRECT IN DAILY LIFE pdf Boenzi T/F 08:10AM-09:30AM
FE-1040 external link FIELD EDUCATION LEVEL I pdf Hoover n/a n/a
FE-2140 external link FIELD EDUCATION LEVEL II pdf Hoover n/a n/a