Types of Programs

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Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS)

DSPT - Special Student The Certificate of Theological Studies is a 12-unit program of study offered under the guidance and supervision of our faculty. A faculty advisor helps the student select courses appropriate for their interests and abilities. Students may choose to focus their studies in one of our areas of concentration. Students may take courses on a pass/fail basis or for a letter grade, but at least three (3) of the four (4) courses must be taken at DSPT.

In partnership with the Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS), DSPT offers a certificate specifically for students interested in Salesian spirituality or youth ministry and education.

Special Student Status

Apply as a special student if you have not decided on a degree program or would like to take classes without pursuing a degree. Special Student status also allows those who have been away from an academic environment to renew their study and writing skills. Those who wish to use this enrollment option with a view towards eventual application to a DSPT program normally should not extend their time as a Special Student beyond 4 semesters (or 8 courses). Acceptance as a Special Student does not guarantee acceptance into a DSPT academic program.

Special Students receive academic credit for their coursework. Those who are subsequently accepted to a DSPT program must petition the Academic Dean to have eligible coursework transferred into that program.

Applicants are accepted as a Special Student for one semester or one year, and must submit a written petition to the Academic Dean to continue as a Special Student.

Non-Degree Program Details

Students in DSPT non-degree programs have full use of the acclaimed GTU Library gtu library and are able to choose from hundreds of courses offered each year by the member schools of the GTU. Students also have access to the library resources of the University of California, Berkeley UCB but may not enroll in courses there. DSPT scholarships and grants-in-aid are not available to non-degree students. Housing is available only if all degree program applicants have been placed and there is additional space available.

Those who wish to pursue a degree program after completing a CTS or coursework as a Special Student must apply for admission to the desired program. CTS and Special Student course work is typically transferable, but the Admissions committee and the Academic Dean review each case individually to determine eligibility. Admission to a non-degree program does not guarantee later admission to a degree program.