Student Life

Movie Theaters

We all need a break from studying from time to time, or maybe just something to do on a Friday night that doesn't involve a day's worth of re-hydration on Saturday.  When Netflix or Youtube just won't cut it, there's always the comfortable combination of copious amounts of popcorn and reclining seats at your local movie theater! As with most potential distractions, the Bay Area is full of theaters, ranging from your typical multiplex to your pretentious art house. Here are a selection of many of our local theaters in the East Bay but, when looking for show times or theaters in SF, we suggest checking

UA Berkeley 7 : 2274 Shatttuck Ave. Berkeley, CA.

Shattuck Cinemas : 2230 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA.

California Theater : 2113 Kittredge St. Berkeley, CA.

Rialto Cinemas Elmwood : 2966 College Ave. Berkeley, CA.

Albany Twin : 115 Solano Ave, Albany, CA.

Rialto Cinemas Cerrito
: 10070 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, CA.

UA Emery Bay Stadium 10 : 6330 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA.

AMC Bay Street 16 : 5614 Shellmound St., Emeryville, CA.