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One Donor's Story - Why She Supports DSPT

"Three years ago, Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, President of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, invited my husband Peer and me to visit the School and meet the students."

DSPT Donor and Board Member - Dorothy PortnerDSPT - Donate Now"We were impressed and inspired by what we saw and heard - a beautiful school with its own chapel and delightful seminarians and lay students working side by side in their various fields of philosophy and theology. We also found dedicated administrators and teachers struggling financially to keep up the high academic standards.

After our visit, Peer and I made the decision to help DSPT financially, because we believed that those who work and study at the School are bearing the fruit of Christian faith in their lives.

Before he died a year later, Peer asked family and friends to send money to DSPT to start a scholarship fund. Recently, the first Dr. Peer M. Portner scholarship was awarded to a young student at DSPT who has a double major and works two jobs to pay for tuition.

Come and see the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley. If you can, please make a contribution to a wonderful school where staff and students alike are committed to a vision of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful thought for others." - Dorothy Portner

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