Dean's Corner

Dean's Corner

DSPT Academic Dean - Fr. Chris Renz, OPWelcome to the Dean's Corner! Here we collect the most recent “happenings” of the DSPT Faculty. Our hope is to provide you with a view outside of their typical classroom or office environment. From that perspective you will see how generous, energetic, and creative they are; and how blessed we are to have them with us!

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by C.J. Renz, OP 

DSPT Dean's Corner - Spring 2014 I am not very interested in social media. Though I do confess to a certain limited level of enjoyment with Facebook because it is an ideal way for an introvert such as myself to feel safe “participating” in a large group without being noticed. Recently, however, I discovered the world of professional social networking through LinkedIn. I was drawn to it because of the easy analytics which are provided for a school. As the accreditation liaison officer for DSPT, I spend a lot of my time tracking down various statistics on our faculty and students. So, this site felt like a real gold mine to me!

Perhaps I’m the only one who hadn’t known about it, but then again I am an introvert. I have spent the last two months creating my own profile and have begun to learn some of the possibilities LinkedIn can offer. 

After some brainstorming, the Staff decided that LinkedIn could be a very useful way to stay connected with our alumni. At the present time, we don’t have a formal alumni association. Yet within one week of setting up our university page at LinkedIn linkedin , DSPT has already connected with 163 alumni. Wow, that’s pretty amazing to me! Seeing that success, we next decided to set up an “alumni group.” Membership is limited but not just to DSPT alumni. We’re also planning to invite members from our Board of Trustees and College of Fellows to participate. In this way, we hope to create a broad and diverse community of actively engaged DSPT professionals. The goal is to share not only successes but also questions and issues that arise at work. Sharing in the alumni discussion group will bring together the expertise of many different folks who are well-established in their respective fields. With my background in science, I love experiments. I am hoping that this one will be a great success and provide another way to expand our mission here at DSPT ad extra.