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DSPT Professor Ramelow

"Just as our alumni bridge the world of academics and a pastoral concern for the good of God's people, so do our professors. It was my privilege to teach philosophy to Ed Hopfner and now to work with him in his marriage preparation program. At a time when the culture is not supportive of the family, couples are vulnerable and without role models. But they are also at a stage in their lives where they will reconsider the value of their faith for the sake of the family they are about to start. Marriage preparation is an opportunity to show them how the deepest truths of our faith are, in so many ways, about the life of  families. Thanks to the initiative of Ed and his team the weekends include not only Mass, but also Confession."- Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP, DSPT Professor of Philosophy

DSPT Students

"I was looking for a graduate program that would prepare me for a PhD track and discovered the Concurrent MA Philosophy/ MA Theology program at DSPT. I was interested in becoming a theologian and the more I read, the more I realized that all of the theologians I respected had a solid grounding in philosophy. DSPT was the only school that taught both disciplines in their integrity at the same time.
I was offered a full tuition and stipend at Villanova University. DSPT could only offer me a partial tuition remission. As it came time to make a difficult choice, Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP came to Hillsdale and gave a talk. He said the role of the Catholic scholar is to represent Christ to humanity as the truth and light that every person seeks and reaches for. When I heard his vision, the choice was made. DSPT is a treasure hidden in a field for which I have gladly sold all I have."
– Trevor Anderson, Concurrent MA Philosophy/ MA Theology

DSPT Student Brother "The main reason I joined the Dominicans was to dedicate my life to engaging mainstream culture with the Catholic faith. DSPT is enabling me to do this because the environment is faithfully Catholic, academically rigorous and at the same time made up of students of many different faiths and points of view. The combination of learning from some of the greatest minds in history and the diversity of thought in the classroom makes DSPT an exciting place to seek truth." - Br. Andrew Opsahl, OP, DSPT student