Integrated Programs

Concurrent Master of Arts - 2 degrees with 1 thesis

MA Philosophy/MA Theology

This intensive program emphasizes the close relationship between philosophy and theology and takes full advantage of the particular strengths of DSPT– preparing students to act as philosophers and theologians not merely talking about our traditions but amplifying them to engage our contemporaries.

Both degrees are conferred in their integrity after a three-year course of studies comprising a total of sixty-three units: 54 units of course work, plus 9 units of "In Thesis" work. In no case can the two degrees be finished in less than six semesters of full-time work. Students may enroll in the Master of Arts (Philosophy) [MAPh] degree concurrently with either the DSPT Master of Arts (Theology) [MATh] or the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) Common MA.

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DSPT Students

“When graduating from college, I was looking for a place to study both philosophy and theology – I don’t think that either can be studied in its fullness without the other. I discovered that, unlike any of the schools I researched, DSPT offers a program in which I could earn two MA degrees and integrate philosophy and theology without losing the distinction between them. I can study ancient, medieval, and modern philosophy as well as the Church Fathers, St. Thomas, and modern theological questions. This is the reason I am here." Christopher Ragusa, MA Philosophy/MA Theology