Theology Programs

Overview: Theology at DSPT

Theology programs at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT) will help prepare you for any number of vocational endeavors, such as lay and ordained ministry in the Church, advanced academic research, or teaching.

DSPT - Crucifix on Dominican Friar’s RosaryAs a member of the GTU, DSPT offers its students a broad selection of degree programs.

DSPT MATheology (MATh) program which emphasizes the relationship between philosophy & theology; and between tradition and contemporary culture. Or the GTU MA program which provides ecumenical and interreligious learning opportunities that prepare the student for professional life or further graduate study. For either degree program, the student must choose an area of concentration.

At DSPT, philosophy and theology are partnered to form a system of inquiry which helps address the current needs of both Church and society. Although many of our theology programs do not require this partnership with philosophy, students are encouraged to take advantage of the offerings of the Philosophy Department to enhance their study of theology. Interested students may also wish to pursue a concurrent Master of Arts degree in theology and philosophy or to combine a Master of Arts in theology with a Master of Divinity.

For more information about each of our academic programs, see: