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Credit Hour and Course Load

In determining their course schedule, students should consider the following definitions and expectations. For each credit hour (semester unit) there is to be one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction, plus a minimum of two hours of outside student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks, or the equivalent amount of work done over a different period of time (as for example in a Summer Session or Intersession course). Courses, which give three semester units of credit, are considered “full courses”; courses, which give 1.5 semester units of credit, are considered “half courses.” For the purposes of calculation, an "instruction hour" is fifty (50) minutes. In determining the credit value of other academic activities, such as field education, pastoral ministry internships, studio work, ministry practicum courses, etc., the same formula will be used to determine an equivalent amount of work.

DSPT follows the course scheduling system of the GTU: full courses are scheduled in either of two formats: a) twice a week for 80 minutes each; or b) once per week for 170 minutes. In preparing their weekly schedules, students should estimate that a full course requires at least nine hours of student time per week. A half course requires at least four to five hours of student time per week. Thus, a full-time load of 12 semester units requires at least thirty-six (36) hours of student work.

Students with Disabilities

DSPT wishes to ensure that all eligible students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at the DSPT and GTU. Accommodations are not intended to give students with disabilities an unfair advantage, but to remove barriers that prevent students with disabilities from learning and from demonstrating what they have learned. Students with such needs should review the information found at the GTU website for “Students with Disabilities” and engage the necessary steps as early as possible upon arrival at DSPT/GTU. Once approved through the GTU process, students must notify both the DSPT Student Services and the DSPT Professor of instruction for each DSPT course as soon as possible but not later than the close of the late registration period of each semester.