Areas of Concentration

Cultural and Historical Studies of Religion

Advancing critical understandings of interreligious, multicultural and contextual religious experience.Aboriginal Rock Painting - Australia

As a member of the GTU, DSPT can offer its students the choice of several areas of concentration designated by the GTU which draw upon the expertise of faculty from DSPT, GTU and UC Berkeley. The GTU Common M.A. in Cultural and Historical Studies of Religion incorporates cross-cultural and historical themes, building upon scholarly methodologies. More information is available at the GTU website.external link

Al Farabi - ManuscriptDSPT has a core strength in this concentration for students with a particular interest in Islamic studies, Islamic philosophy and ethics, or Christian and Islamic spirituality. Students will learn about the spiritual, ethical, and intellectual teachings of world religions by investigating a particular religious tradition. In addition, they will reflect comparatively upon the ways these multiple perspectives have shaped human culture. In keeping with the vision of St. Thomas Aquinas, whose work engaged ideas of non-Christian thinkers, this area will examine intersections between philosophical and religious thought. 

The Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) at the GTU is a great resource for supplementing the courses offered at DSPT.

DSPT Faculty:

Marianne Farina, CSC – Islam; Islamic philosophy
Go to the Ad Gentes page to see Sr. Farina's article "Faith in Human Rights: An Interfaith Project."
Hilary Martin, OP - history of religions; aboriginal religious traditions

Selected GTU Faculty:

Ibrahim Farajaje external link (SKSM) - Islam; history of Sufism; history of Islam; Jewish-Muslim interconnections; postcolonial theory/transmodern theory; critical race theory; diaspora studies; bodies, genders, and space in Islam; Al-Andalus; Jewish-Christian-Muslim Spain
Munir Jiwa external link (GTU/CIS) - Islam

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