Areas of Concentration


Understanding the Christian religion through critical historical investigation.

 St. Basil the Great, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Gregory the TheologianAs a member of the GTU, DSPT can offer its students the choice of several areas of concentration designated by the GTU which draw upon the expertise of faculty from DSPT, GTU and UC Berkeley.

At DSPT, The MATH with a concentration in History provides a means for developing an understanding of the Christian religion through critical historical investigation into the unity, diversity, and development of the Christian community from its origins to the present. In asking how Christians in other places and eras acted and believed, one acquires analytical skills to evaluate present day.

More information is available at the GTU website.external link

DSPT Faculty:

Joseph Boenzi, SDB - Modern Church history
Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap. - Early Church history; Patristic theology; Hellenistic and Roman philosophy
Anselm Ramelow, OP - History of modern and contemporary philosophy
Augustine Thompson, OP - Medieval history; medieval Italy
Arthur Lenti, SDB - Salesian history
Hilary Martin, OP - Medieval philosophy and theology; history of religions

Select GTU Faculty:

Thomas Buckley, SJ external link (JST) - American religious history; modern Church history
Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski external link (CDSP) - medieval Christianity; history of Jewish-Christian relations
Christopher Ocker external link (SFTS) - late medieval and Reformation history
William Short, OFM external link (FST) - Franciscian history and spirituality

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