Areas of Concentration

Art and Religion (GTU)

GTU Library - Winged Figure - Stephen De StaeblerAn interdisciplinary study of faith traditions and the arts.

As a member of the GTU, DSPT can offer its students the choice of several areas of concentration designated by the GTU which draw upon the expertise of faculty from DSPT, GTU and UC Berkeley. The GTU Common M.A. in Art and Religion focuses on the historical, the theological, and the spiritual. Students pursue this study through an emphasis on the history of art and faith traditions or through philosophical and theological aesthetics.

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DSPT Faculty:

Michael Morris, OP - Christian iconography; biography; oral history; film studies; art history; hagiography
Marianne Farina, CSC - Islamic Religion and Culture
Barbara Green, OP – Biblical Studies and Literary Theory
Albert Paretsky, OP
– Biblical Studies, Religion and Literature
Go to the Ad Gentes page to see Fr. Paretsky's article "Reading Dr. Zhivago."
Anselm Ramelow, OP
- Philosophical Aesthetics
Augustine Thompson, OP – Medieval Studies
Christopher Renz, OP - Poetry
Marga Vega
- Philosophical Aesthetics
Hilary Martin, OP (Emeritus) – Aboriginal Art & Music
Brendan McAnerney, OP - Christian iconography

Selected GTU Faculty:

Carin Jacobs external link– (CARE) Museum Studies, Religion and Food
Carla Di Sola external link – (CARE) Dance
Joan Di Stefano external link – (CARE)Master Classes in Studio Art
Mia Mochizuki external link (JST) - Art history; Reformation & 17th century Dutch & Flemish art; impact of iconoclasm; art theory & criticism
Ronald Nakasone external link (CARE) - Interfaith aesthetics; Buddhist art & aesthetics
Rossitza Schroeder
(PSR) – Art History, Medieval Studies

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