How to Apply

Additional Instructions for Concurrent Programs

The concurrent degree programs offered by the DSPT are particularly demanding and generally require a higher degree of preparation. In cases where there is some doubt about an applicant's preparation for a concurrent program, he/she may be admitted to only one of the two degree programs initially in order to monitor his/her progress in the first year. In such cases, having made satisfactory progress and upon the recommendation of DSPT faculty, the student may apply to transfer into the concurrent program later.

Concurrent MA (Theology) / MA (Philosophy)

Applicants to this program should follow the same process as those applying to only one degree. The Statement of Purpose and letters of recommendation should address the applicant's goals, interests and academic ability in both disciplines. The non-thesis MA (Philosophy) option is not available in the Concurrent MA program.

Concurrent MDiv / MA (Theology)

Students pursuing this program normally begin with the MDiv program and apply to the MA during their fourth semester. However, applications are accepted to both from the start for those who are well-qualified. Although a writing sample and GRE scores are not required of MDiv applicants, they are required for this concurrent program because it includes a research degree.

Concurrent programs with the GTU Common MA

Those wishing to combine a DSPT degree program with the GTU Common MA must submit a separate application to each Admissions Office (DSPT and GTU), one for each program. Although a writing sample is not required of GTU Common MA applicants, it is required for the MA (Philosophy) application and must be submitted directly to the DSPT Admissions Office. 

If you have any questions about a concurrent degree program, please contact the Admissions Office at (510) 883-2073, or by email at