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DSPT Dumb Ox Theology Forum - October 2011The Dumb Ox is a gathering of students, professors, and a community of thinkers who meet two or three times each semester to hear a presentation on theology and to discuss theology with each other. It is an informal place for graduate students to present their original ideas for discussion in a non-threatening environment, and to freely agree with or disagree with the ideas being presented.

The Dumb Ox is a great way to meet people, to hone critical thinking and speaking skills, and to learn in a casual setting. Admission is free – along with the drinks and the snacks!

DSPT Dumb Ox Theology Forum - March 2011If you are interested in speaking at the Dumb Ox, or are interested in being added to the Dumb Ox e-mail list, please contact.

St. Albert the Great said of Thomas Aquinas, “You call him a ‘Dumb Ox’. I tell you that this Dumb Ox will bellow so loud that his bellowing will fill the world.”

All opinions presented at this forum are those of the speakers. Admission is free!