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Audio Visual Club Charter and Goals pdf

If you are interested in signing up, please email Colleen at .


The DSPT Audio/Visual Club intends to promote the mission of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT) through the dissemination of intellectual and creative content via a broad range of media (e.g. audio and video recordings, still photography images, etc.) utilizing a wide variety of distribution channels. We will accomplish this by assembling students, administrative staff, and other members of the interested DSPT community to train each other in the technical aspects of live sound reinforcement, audio and video recording, still photography, lighting, editing, and broadcasting of DSPT presentations for the purposes of disseminating DSPT intellectual and creative content (not limited to but potentially including lectures, homilies, talks, symposia, receptions and other social / fundraising events, liturgical events, public discussions and commentary, interviews, short promotional films and sound bites, other artistic and academic content) that may be presented live and/or recorded for website use, general internet dissemination, and other media distribution channels as needed by the School for educational purposes as well as the promotion of the School.

The DSPT Audio/Visual Club also intends to consistently assemble the needed volunteers to staff DSPT events in technical areas such as video and audio monitoring and recording, and to provide supplemental support to DSPT administrative staff in both the pre-production, live production, and post-production aspects of electronic media capture of DSPT intellectual and creative content mentioned above.