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LinkedIn for DSPT

Purpose and Scope. As a social networking tool for professionals, LinkedIn LinkedIn provides a useful platform for DSPT to expand its mission to "engage contemporary scholarship and culture in mutual enrichment." The goal is to create an active network of our "DSPT community," which includes current Faculty, Students, Staff, alumni, and members of the Board of Trustees and College of Fellows. We will use LinkedIn to provide current information in the following manner:

  • Company Page LinkedIn  – will provide updates on development efforts and business aspects of the School, e.g. new job positions, expansion efforts, etc.
  • University Page LinkedIn – will provide updates on campus life, including recent news from/about our alumni, Trustees, and Fellows.
  • DSPT Alumni Group LinkedIn  – a "private" discussion page where participants may share current questions or initiatives related to their current work which could benefit, in whatever way, from the insights of our DSPT community. It provides an important means for integrating theory with praxis.

Value of Membership. In addition to the professional advantages provided by creating a personal profile page at LinkedIn, joining the DSPT community is a quick an easy way to support the School. "Following" our university page puts the School on the radar of those in your professional network. Listing DSPT on your own personal profile page will alert everyone in your professional network of your involvement with DSPT and, hopefully, provide opportunities for one-on-one conversations about why you have chosen to be (and remain) part of our community. The Alumni Group provides access to a network of active professional who can serve as a resource on a variety of different levels from professional networking to practical insights and experience in the workplace.

What to do. For alumni who are new to LinkedIn, visit the LinkedIn Profile Checklist LinkedIn for tips on building an engaging profile. Once you have created your own personal profile page at LinkedIn, then

  1. Add DSPT to your personal profile page in any/all of the following places as they apply
    • Educational - if you are an alum
    • Experience – if you work at DSPT
    • Projects – if you are a member of the College of Fellows or Board of Trustees.
  2. "Follow" DSPT at its university page. If you list DSPT under your Education section, LinkedIn will automatically list you as a follower. Double-check to ensure that is the case, and if not, then select "Follow" on the university page. You can find this page by going to the "Interests" channel at the top of your profile page, then selecting "Education." Once you arrive at LinkedIn for Education, do a search for "Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology." When you arrive at that page, then select "Follow."
  3. Join the "DSPT Alumni" group. At the university page for DSPT you will see in the right-hand channel a section entitled, Featured Groups, beneath which you will find DSPT Alumni. Click on that link and then ask to join the group.
  4. "Follow" DSPT at its company page by going to the "Interests" channel at the top of your profile page, then selecting "Companies." Search for DSPT and select "Follow."
  5. Expand your professional network by linking to other DSPT members.

Please contact Fr. Chris Renz, OP, with any questions or comments.