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  • "Christ on the Cross Adored by St. Dominic" by Fra Angelico, 1442

    “Contemplata aliis tradere” means to give to others the fruits of one’s contemplation. It is a motto commonly used by the Dominican Order. And what better place might there be for contemplation to begin than at the foot of the cross of Christ?

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  • The Revival of Interest in Fra Angelico

    In dealing with a man like Beato Angelico, who was considered a saint as well as an artist, one is faced with a rare phenomenon. There is a tendency to set a higher value on his art than one ought—not for its sake, but for his.

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  • Monks & Friars & Food...Oh My!! Lecture by Fr. Michael Morris, OP

    MONKS & FRIARS & FOOD Oh My!!!! - From the Sublime to the Ridiculous to the Delectable

    Lecture given at DSPT on Feb 20, 2012 as an introduction to the exhibition in Blackfriars Gallery © Fr. Michael Morris, OP. The current exhibition in Blackfriars Gallery is divided into two parts. One is devoted to Sacred Food, namely the Eucharist, while the other half of the exhibit is devoted to Things Profane and the image of Monks and Friars in their association with more earthly delights, the consumption and production of food in monastic history.

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  • The Lactation Miracle of St. Bernard - Stained Glass Window from the Abbey at Gethsemani

    The Lactation Miracle of St. Bernard

    Based on one of the later legends of the great Cistercian Abbot Saint Bernard, he was reportedly praying one day in 1146 before a statue of the Virgin Mary in Speyer Cathedral. In his prayer he asked the Virgin to "Show that you are a mother..." (Monstra te esse matrem). The statue suddenly came alive and squirted milk on Bernard's lips. In this mystical encounter Bernard becomes a spiritual son of Mary sharing a kinship with Christ who was also nourished by Mary's milk.

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  • The Triumph of Saint Thomas Aquinas - Benozzo Gozzoli, 1471

    On St. Thomas Aquinas & "The Triumph of Saint Thomas Aquinas" by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1471

    © by Fr. Michael Morris, OP - Saint Thomas Aquinas is a Dominican friar upon whom the Church has bestowed the singular honor of the title "Common Doctor (that is, teacher) of the Universal Church." Both in the method and content of his theology, St. Thomas is our model at the the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.

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