Adjunct Faculty

Fr. Gregory Tatum, OP

DSPT Adjunct Professor - Fr. Gregory Tatum, OP

Summer Adjunct Professor

Professor of New Testament at École Biblique, Jerusalem



PhD Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 1997 (New Testament and Christian Origins); SSL Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy, 1992


Father Tatum was born 12/19/57 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was professed a Dominican of the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus on 9/27/81 in Oakland, California. He was ordained a priest on 9/9/89 in San Francisco, California.

Courses Taught:

  • Assistant Professor of New Testament, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, California, 1997-2006
  • School of Pastoral Leadership, Archdiocese of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, 1998-2001
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament, Dominican House of Studies, 2004-2005
  • Visiting Professor, Biblique et Archéologique Française, Jerusalem, 2006-2007
  • Adjunct Faculty, Pauline Soteriology, DSPT Summer 2010

Select Publications:

  • New Chapters in a Life of Paul: The Sequence of His Career. CBQMS 41. December 2006.
  • Redefining First-Century Jewish and Christian Identities: Essays in Honor of E. P. Sanders (co-editor, forthcoming, CJA, University of Notre Dame Press
  • A Philological Note on PEPLHRWMENOI with Christophe Rico. Revue Biblique
  • A. E. Harvey, Renewal Through Suffering: A Study of 2 Corinthians. Review of Biblical Literature 1999 (367-368)
  • Hurtado, Larry W. How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? Historical Questions about Earliest Devotion to Jesus. Revue Biblique
  • Jonathan Klawans. Impurity and Sin in Ancient Judaism. Revue Biblique
  • Jonathan Klawans. Purity, Sacrifice, and the Temple: Symbolism and Supersessionism in the Study of Ancient Judaism. Revue Biblique
  • Various Bulletins for the Revue Biblique

Current Projects

  • Research on Romans for La Bible en ses traditions (EBAF)
  • A book on New Testament Ecclesiology

Research Interests:

  • John
  • Participationist Eschatology
  • The Historical Jesus
  • The Synoptic Problem
  • Second Temple Judaism