Integrated Programs

Concurrent Master of Arts (Philosophy)/Master of Arts (Theology)

DSPT - Stack of Philosophy and Theology TextsStudents who wish to pursue an integrated program in both philosophy and philosophical or systematic theology may do so by enrolling in the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT) Master of Arts (Philosophy) [MAPh] degree concurrently with either the DSPT Master of Arts (Theology) [MATh] or the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) Common M.A.

Both degrees are conferred in their integrity after a three-year course of studies comprising a total of sixty-three units: 54 units of course work, plus 9 units of "In Thesis" work. In no case can the two degrees be finished in less than six semesters of full-time work.

For detailed information on admissions procedures for the Concurrent M.A. (Philosophy) / M.A. (Theology) degree program, see the Admissions Section of the website.

Continue on to the Concurrent M.A. (Philosophy) / M.A. (Theology) Degree Requirements. Students currently enrolled in the Concurrent M.A. (Philosophy) / M.A. (Theology) must consult the DSPT Student Handbook pdf for program details.