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Concurrent MAPh/MATh- Thomistic Studies

"Saint Thomas is an authentic model for all who seek the truth. In his thinking, the demands of reason and the power of faith found the most elevated synthesis ever attained by human thought." - John Paul II

Our concurrent degree in philosophy and theology with a concentration in Thomistic Studies is more than just the study of the texts of St. Thomas - it is an opportunity to apply the method of St. Thomas in approaching contemporary questions.

To study theology in the manner of St. Thomas Aquinas, philosophy must be studied for its own sake, not treated merely as a propaedeutic. Since this is our approach at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT), we are uniquely positioned to offer the concurrent degree. 

Our students in this program graduate with two master's degrees (philosophy and theology) after completing an academically rigorous and thorough study of the whole of the Western tradition using St. Thomas as a model. Our graduates have found the program to be an excellent preparation for doctoral programs, leading to an array of interesting job opportunities.

"We should love both: those whose opinion we follow, and those whose opinion we reject. For both have applied themselves to the quest for the truth, and both have helped us in it."
- St. Thomas Aquinas

"Exemplified by St. Thomas Aquinas": But How? pdf essay by Fr. Richard Schenk, OP

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