Types of Programs

Types of Programs

Degree Programs

DSPT - Philosophy Class Our Philosophy Program (Master of Arts) allows students to acquire a solid foundation in the entire history of Western philosophy and in systematic philosophy, inspired by the methodology of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Our Theology Programs (Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies) are grounded in the Dominican tradition of faith seeking understanding and help prepare students both for ministry and for further academic work.

Our Concurrent Programs allow students to integrate the study of philosophy and theology, or combine a Master of Arts in Theology with a Master of Divinity.

Non-Degree Options

The Certificate of Theological Studies allows students to pursue theological studies for their own personal enrichment or as part of a sabbatical program.

Special Student Status is available for continuing education, personal, or professional enrichment.


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"When graduating from college, I was looking for a place to study both philosophy and theology - I don't think that either can be studied in its fullness without the other." - Christopher Ragusa, Concurrent MA Philosophy/MA Theology