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Humberto Lopez - Current Concurrent MAPh/MATh - Thomistic Studies Student

Humberto Lopez DSPT - Contaact Admissions

Current Concurrent MAPh/MATh - Thomistic Studies Student

DSPT Student - Humberto Lopez"As a student of philosophy at Saint Mary's College of California, I found myself within a department under the instruction of three individuals each concerned with the truth as propounded by Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas. As my reading and understanding of these two grew over the semesters, I eventually realized the primacy of their teaching. This realization, however, came near the end of my studies and instead of going directly to graduate school I was obliged to work for a year. During this year of work I spent much time reading contemporary commentaries on the teaching and philosophy of St. Thomas. These studies affirmed the need to continue studying the teaching of St. Thomas, so that one day I might be apt enough in imparting to others the education I received.

"DSPT came highly recommended as an ideal location that would further my understanding of Thomistic doctrine and the teaching of the Catholic Church. I have no regret in choosing the DSPT as my home for the next few years. Not only do I get to read St. Thomas every day for class, I spend my time sitting around talking to Dominican Fathers and Brothers about the truth, goodness, love, and Being found within the writings of St. Thomas ans present within the Catholic Faith. In addition to education, the DSPT provides me with an ideal environment where I can grow as a person of faith."