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Fred Rodriguez - BA Philosophy (2002), MA Theology (2004)

Fred RodriguezDSPT - Contaact Admissions

BA Philosophy (2002), MA Theology (2004)
Co-Executive Producer and Co-Owner of the Catholic Television Network (CTVN), Guam; Owner of GreenLight Media Productions, Guam; Adjunct Faculty in the Department of History, University of Guam

DSPT Alumnus - Fred Rodriguez"As a student at the DSPT, I became grounded in two of the most notable charisms in the Catholic Church: the Thomistic and Salesian traditions. My program of study allowed me to develop discipline in critical analysis. This would challenge my foundation as a student in two highly specialized disciplines and also as a person of faith.

"My DSPT studies have given me the courage to respond to the challenge and focus on the day-to-day moral and theological issues of the Church with structure and foresight. It is here where both faith and reason have catapulted me into uncharted waters in Guam"a plan that I could have never anticipated.

"I have carried my studies into my local church, approaching the ministry of teaching by responding to my baptismal call to become a steward to those hungry for the faith; that is, to do what is expected of the laity: to promote church teaching and dogma, and to do it with complete charity to those who seek the truths of the Church.

"In the summer of 2005, I hosted a local radio show that dealt with "hot" topics of the day as reported throughout the island. More recently, I am creator and executive producer of Guam"s very first Catholic television show which airs every Sunday afternoon. Both the radio and television show serve as teaching tool with elements of apologetics and teachings from the Catechism of the Catholic Church in its "Catholic Q&A".

"These activities are the result of a strong curriculum which serve as essential "life components" that are the result of my time spent at the DSPT. In fact, my radio program, "Catholics On The Move," was originally inspired by a DSPT course called "Church On The Move."

"It is indeed a blessing to be able to use the fruits of my DSPT studies to promote God and his Church."