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Erin Zion - MA Theology (2008)

Erin ZionDSPT - Contaact Admissions

MA Theology (2008)
Currently a PhD student in Art & Religion at the Graduate Theological Union

DSPT Alumna - Erin Zion"I came into the MA Theology program having never taken a single class in theology or philosophy of any kind.To have come so far in such a brief time is due in no small part to the rigorous classes offered by the DSPT.The patience of my professors, who made themselves available to answer countless questions and took the time to ensure that I obtained a solid grasp of the material, has been truly humbling.The opportunity to study shoulder-to-shoulder with the Dominican brothers studying for the priesthood has enriched my educational experience and deepened my understanding of the vital importance that study has in pointing others to the truth of the Catholic Faith.

"I was drawn to attend DSPT because of their commitment to the field of art and religion. For me, this field embodies everything that makes me Catholic. The beauty of the world reflects the majesty and goodness of God, and contemplation of the beautiful draws us deeper into the mystery of the Incarnation. The study of material culture is the forefront of "where religion meets the world." As an interdisciplinary and ecumenical subject, the art and religion program provides a means of synthesizing the subjects of philosophy, aesthetics, theology, spirituality, Church history and material religion. The study of sacred art fosters interreligious dialogue by giving those of divergent faiths common ground from which to build up relationships.

"With Fr. Michael Morris, OP, at the helm, art and religion scholarship continues to thrive. Today, as a doctoral student in Art and Religion at the GTU, DSPT continues to shape my educational and professional life. Fr. Michael continues to mold my education with his patience and sage advice, and I have the distinct privilege to continue taking courses at DSPT. For all these things I am most grateful.

"The greatest gift that DSPT has to offer its lay students, however, is the living witness of the Dominican priests and brothers. It has been an immense privilege to attend classes with those who are the very best and brightest of the clergy, alongside those young men who will go on to lead the flock and uphold the teachings of the Church in the 21st century. Moreover, their kindness and generosity to me has been and continues to be an immense blessing in my life. Through the intercession of Mary and all the Dominican saints, may DSPT continue to thrive as one of the greatest centers for study in pursuit of Truth."