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Aquinas Lecture and Symposia Overview

How can the tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas provide answers to the questions we face in our world today?

St. Thomas Aquinas - Manuscript, The Life of St. Thomas AquinasEvery year the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology hosts The Aquinas Lecture with a reception following. In keeping with the mission of DSPT - to engage contemporary scholarship with the wisdom of tradition, especially as exemplified by St. Thomas Aquinas - our faculty nominate a scholar to present a paper in which the thought and method of Aquinas are applied to a contemporary issue.


2012- Michael Tkacz, PhD - "Albert the Great and the New Aristotelianism: A Turning-Point in the Western Intellectual Tradition" 

2011- Bryan Kromholtz, OP - "The Dead in Christ Will Rise: Thomas Aquinas and Current Ideas on the Time of the Resurrection"

2010- Bruce Marshall, PhD - "Christ and Israel: An Unresolved Question in Catholic Theology"

 2008 - Eleonore Stump, PhD - "Thomas Aquinas and the Problem of Human Suffering"

2007 - Thomas S. Hibbs, PhD - "Everything that Rises Must Converge: Aquinas's Theological Re-formation of the Cardinal Virtues"

2006 - Anselm Ramelow, OP - "Language Without Reduction - Aquinas on the Linguistic Turn"

2005 - Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron, ThD, "Gratitude and Religion of the Day: A Theological Enquiry into a Pastoral Question"

2004 - Gregory Tatum, OP, "Prolegomena to a Grammar of Theosis in the New Testament"

2003 - Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap, "Religion and Philosophy in the Big City: Alexandria in the Late Fourth Century"

2002 - Aquinas Symposium

  • David Burrell, CSC, "Aquinas" Use of the Liber de Causis to Formulate the Creator as Cause-Of-Being"

  • Fran O'Rourke, "Unity in Aquinas' Neoplatonic Commentaries"

  • Mark Damien Delp, "Abstract and Concrete Names: Logic and Metaphysics in Aquinas' Platonic Commentaries"

  • Richard Schenk, OP, "From Providence to Grace: Dionysius in the Mid- Thirteenth Century"

  • Vivian Boland, OP, "Thinking About Good: Aquinas on Divine Names IV, De Hebdomadibus and Nicomachean Ethics I"

  • Wayne John Hankey, "Thomas' Neoplatonic Histories: His Following of Simplicis"

2001 - Benedict Ashley, OP, "Aquinas, Creation and Cosmic Evolution"

2000 - Gonzalo Ituarte Verdusco, OP, "Aquinas and Las Casas: Two Fighters for the Truth of Christ Revealed in the Poor"

1999 - Hilary Martin, OP, "Thomas Aquinas on Mission"

1998 - Robert Barron, "Thomas Aquinas' Christological Reading of God and the Creature"

1997 - Richard Schenk, OP, "Towards a More Ambiguous Ambivalence: To What Degree are Pluralistic Theories of Religion "Capable of a Crisis in their Basic Concepts""

1996 - Thomas O'Meara, OP, "Tarzan, Las Casas, and Rahner: Outside of Christianity. Thomas Aquinas' Theology of Salvation"

1995 - Edward Krasevac, OP, "Questing for Jesus: Need We Continue? Reflections of a Systematic Theologian on "The Historical Jesus""

1993 - Gregory Rocca, OP, "Hovering over the Abyss: Aquinas on God-Talk" and Jean Porter "Does Aquinas Believe in Moral Rules?"

1992 - David Burrell, CSC, "Freedom and Creation in Three Traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"

1991 - Michael Dodds, OP, "Thomas Aquinas, Human Suffering, and the Unchanging God of Love"




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