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Work as Sacramental: The Mysterious Dynamics of Personal Vocation

November 7, 2011

Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, introduced the topic of Vocation and Work; presentations by two DSPT Fellows, Michael Naughton and André Delbecq, followed.

Beyond Career to Calling: Understanding Work as a Vocation within the Catholic Social Tradition – Michael Naughton

PowerPoint of Dr. Naughton's Presentation power point

John Paul explains that work "constitutes one of the fundamental dimensions of [our] earthly existence and of [our] vocation." Too often, however, work can either be seen as a career defined solely in terms of one's own personal preferences or as a job defined solely in terms of one's remuneration. This talk explores why the Catholic social tradition rejects these definitions by exploring the theological and philosophical roots of the human condition.

Professor Naughton stthomas.edu holds the Moss Endowed Chair in Catholic Social Thought and is Director of the John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Open to Possibilities: Understanding How Calling Unfolds Within the “Now” of Business Life – André Delbecq

PowerPoint of Dr. Delbecq's Presentation power point      

Vocation or calling is often described in terms of a one-time discernment regarding a state of life (e.g. vowed religious vs. lay, married vs. celibate, etc.). However, there is another dimension of vocation, the mysterious unfolding of being called through life events that cannot be controlled or predicted but must be surrendered into with “unknowing”. It involves patience, delayed gratification, long periods of preparation, learning from prior experiences, and acceptance of seeming random events. This dimension of vocation was illustrated through the use of leadership biography and the theological implications explored.

Professor Delbecq scu.edu is McCarthy University Professor at Santa Clara University, has served as the Dean of the Fellows of the Academy of Management, and is internationally recognized for his insights into the spirituality of work.

DSPT College of Fellows is made up of lay Catholics of eminence in their fields who offer analyses of contemporary issues to open a conversation that engages contemporary scholarship and culture with the wisdom of tradition. By reflecting upon the Catholic faith in the light of their secular vocations, DSPT Fellows contribute to the Church's understanding of her mission to the world and help shape the education of leaders for the Church and the academy.

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