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Our programs integrate philosophy and theology to apply the wisdom of these traditions today.

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What do our students value about our education?

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We study the questions that matter in the tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Pursuing the truth as a community and dialoguing with the culture are essential elements of our education.

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Why Aquinas Today?

Our society is no longer Christian enough to lionize any saint, but if we were to seek a saint who would most contradict the spirit of our present age there could be no better choice than Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Spring 2015 Courses

Take a look at what we are offering this spring: Philosophical Anthropology; Western Social Thought; Twentieth Century Thomism; Hellenistic & Roman Philosophy; Natural Law; Contemporary Cinema: Theological Reflection; Medieval Mystics Seminar - and more.

EVENT: A poet, a lawyer & an economist/theologian

RSVP to join us on Saturday, January 31 for a thought-provoking series of presentations by DSPT Fellows Bob Flint, Dana Gioia and Mary Hirschfeld who will talk about Catholic imagination & contemporary culture.

Before-and-After Film Series

Screenings of of six films that transformed the art of filmmaking and pushed its spiritual frontier, with an introduction & a discussion led by DSPT Fellow Ron Austin, a Hollywood producer & writer, member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

NEW VIDEOS: Why Philosophy is Important for Theology

We asked various philosophers & theologians why philosophy matters & why it is important for theology. Watch our brief videos to hear John Searle, Linda Zagzebski, Ed Feser, John O'Callaghan, Fred Freddoso and others.

Video & Papers from God, Reason and Reality Symposium

A symposium on "God, Reason and Reality", a collection of articles edited by Anselm Ramelow, OP, with Ed Feser as a guest speaker and Michael Dodds, OP, one of the contributors, discussing questions of the existence and nature of God.

Dominican Education

We must engage the philosophical and theological tradition on its own terms: the great philosophers and theologians held that there is truth, that the truth can be known and, further, that the pursuit of truth is the highest human vocation.

Sharing the Fruits of Our Contemplation

Michele Johnson, high school theology teacher: "My greatest joy is to teach Christian morality. I guide students to explore the questions that are the most fundamental to who they are. That is my Dominican education at work."

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Meet our professors and learn about our classes, concentrations and programs to see what makes us unique. Do you have questions? Would you like to sit in on a class? Contact us to get more information or plan a visit.

Faculty spotlight

Bryan Kromholtz, OP

I am a student, first and last, of St. Thomas Aquinas. Every time I have gone searching within the various nooks and crannies of his work, I have emerged with treasured insights that are worth bringing out into the light of day. What I most enjoy about what I do is helping students with their own projects – what excites them.

Barbara Green, OP

I hope to inspire in my students a deep love of the intellectual and spiritual tradition we have inherited in the study of the Bible. I love to spend most of my time learning more about my main field of interest, which is biblical studies. To work with students on their projects related to mine is stimulating, drawing me into areas I might not have ventured by myself.

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2 Degrees with 1 Thesis

At DSPT, you can earn two Masters degrees (MA Philosophy/MA Theology) with the completion of a single thesis. Several concentrations are available, including Thomistic Studies and Religion & the Arts.

Systematic and Philosophical Theology

Our concentration in Systematic and Philosophical Theology emphasizes the need for theology to be pursued in its traditional Roman Catholic - and particularly Thomistic - roots, as well as in an ecumenical spirit.

Philosophy for Theology Class

Specialized according to the DSPT approach of integrated study, this course offers a nuts and bolts survey of watershed moments in the history of Western thought, providing the foundational knowledge and vocabulary for any further theological study.

History of Christianity Class

Never before have the first 1100 years of Christianity been narrated quite like this. Distinguished historian Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP, brings his renowned lecturing skills to the podium with tales of intrigue, blood, miracles, and controversy.

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