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Year in Review: 2010-2011

Looking back at the events that have brought DSPT into dialogue with contemporary culture throughout the academic year.

Dr. Margarita Vega teaches with John Searle of UCB
Fr. Bryan Kromholtz confirmed Regent of Studies for WDP
Fr. Bryan Kromholtz publishes his dissertation appears on EWTN
Sr. Barbara published "title of book?"
Fr. Richard Schenk appointed as president of Eichstat Ingolstadt
Rene Girard Conference
Fr. Hilary visits Philippines
Sr. Marianne Farina - Interfaith Community Events
Philosophy Conference in Poland
Fr. Michael Sweeney - Holy Land Tour
Fr. Mark and Fr. Boniface ordained
XX Graduated
Graduation Address of David Buttrick
Aquinas Lecture
Levinas and Wotija Lecture
Islam in Age of Pluralism
John Searle Lecture
Fr. Austriaco Lecture
Fr. Kelly Lecture
Don Bosco visit
College of Fellows Convocation
Alemany Awards Celebration
Ibn Arabi Event
Launch of the MTS, Master Theological Studies program
Launch of three new Concentrations