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Children from Around the World

Dates of Exhibit: February 2010 - May 2010

A reflection of the exhibit by the artist, Dolores Meehan

The display here is not meant to be a photographic feat but rather a look into the world of children. Traveling in different parts of the world, it was my experience that there were certain universals when it came to kids—when left to it, their imaginations can conjure up the best kind of fun; they are happiest when not alone, they like their photos taken and a bag of candy can turn a smiling group of kids into a grabbing, fighting mob. (I learned the last one the hard way but fortunately early on in my travels.)


The photos from Russia, China, Tibet and Nepal are from adventure (somewhat pointless) travel. Australia and Costa Rica were casual fun trips with family and friends. Guatemala, Kenya and Palestine were missionary trips. Needless to say, the latter two were more meaningful if for no other reason than the encounter with the people was more integrative and less speculative. (I was in Guatemala three different years on medical missions, Kenya once.) Both Guatemala and Kenya were trips where I worked with the people served by the Missionary of Charity Fathers—Mother Teresa's priests. Their charisma is to love Jesus in the poorest of the poor, as John Paul II said, “To understand that each person is a unique and unrepeatable manifestation of God's Love”. The experience of meeting people on that level enriched my life in an indescribable way.

These are the children from all of those places and all of those experiences. Sorting through 18 years of photos, slides and digital images has brought them back to me. They gave me joy when I took them; they gave me joy as I got them ready for display. My hope is that they will give you joy and perhaps help you capture some of the magic of what it was like when you were a child.

Some photos have a story; others speak for themselves. Enjoy.


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