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Treasure in the Center of the World

-Fr. Eamon Kelly, LC, Vice-Chargé of the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Read jweekly's article xlink about Fr. Kelly, his lecture at DSPT and the findings in Magdala.

Fr. Kelly provided a first-hand account of a unique discovery in Magdala, Israel of a synagogue from the time of Jesus: one of only seven Second Temple period synagogues ever discovered. One of the most important artifacts found that Fr. Kelly discussed is a stone with legs and beautifully engravings that features the menorah. The oldest menorah ever recorded was on the Titus Arch in Rome. The one found at Magdala dates back to before AD67, making it the oldest menorah engraved in stone.

Click the image below to view or download the video of Fr. Kelly's presentation at DSPT.

Click Here to View The Video Titled: Treasure in the Center of the World

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