DSPT Events

81st Annual Commencement

May 25, 2013

Nineteen students were conferred degrees and certificates of studies and three new fellows were conferred honorary degrees and inducted into the College of Fellows. Newly inducted DSPT Fellow Dr. Russell Hittinger gave the commencement address.

* President's Address: Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP
* Commencement Address: Dr. F. Russell Hittinger - Theology Without Philosophy: A View From the Box-Canyon    of Religious Studies
Student Address: Edward Novis
* Commencement Program pdf
New Fellow: Mary Hirschfeld
* New Fellow: Francis Russell Hittinger
* New Fellow: Anthony R. Tersigni
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DSPT graduates 2013 "These, your sons and daughters and friends, have been invited and summoned to pursue the infinite with reference. They know in their hearts that there is truth, and in pursuing it they have, indeed, made progress; they have seen a great deal and they are promised and destined to see a great deal more. They also experience in their hearts the disquiet born of the fact that, pursuing the infinite with reverence as they have been called to do, they will never finally reach the end." Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, President's Address

"The goal of the philosopher is to ignite the quest in others. This, of course, is not merely the shouting of truth claims in the face of passersby, but rather, infusing the will to question, the will to study into them, which ultimately opens the door to wonder. While most are relatively content to work themselves into exhaustion and then go to sleep, the philosopher’s duty is to wake the people up from their slumber so they can live full and thriving lives." DSPT graduate Ed Novis, Student Address