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Nick Case - Current MA Philosophy Student

Nick CaseDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Current MA Philosophy Student

DSPT Student - Nick CaseWith the news of Fr. Richard Schenk's election as the next president of Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, I was hardly alone in recognizing that his absence would be deeply felt across the DSPT community. As a student who worked closely with Fr. Richard, I was obviously excited to hear the news of his new position, yet I was not surprised.

It was after all Fr. Richard who over his stellar academic career continuously represented the best of Dominican education. This devotion was visible in the generosity that was constantly given to his students. It can be seen in the countless emails that we exchanged over the details of my thesis, or the conversations shared after classes discussing Thomism. It can be seen in the time devoted to the care and cultivation of the edification of his students. And, it can be seen in the honest interest that he felt for those around him. Yet, it is also this same generosity that will be so deeply felt across the community.

While I share his excitement for the possibilities that such a position undoubtedly carries with it, his generosity of spirit and intellectual support will be missed. And for these reasons, while Fr. Richard may be taking on notable and impressive challenges that will take him to new places, I, and all those lucky enough to have been called his students, take comfort in the knowledge that his lasting influence will always remain.