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Daniel Grimm - Current MA Philosophy Student

Daniel GrimmDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Current MA Philosophy Student

DSPT Student - Daniel GrimmI came to the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology because I wanted to become a well-rounded thinker and writer, so that I can open the door of knowledge to young minds and guide them on their journey.Here at the DSPT I have been guided toward important and illuminating authors, while strengthening my foundation in the Catholic intellectual tradition. The research resources and the guidance given to students in using those resources are amazing. Drawing on a wide range ofworthwhile commentators and authors has been exciting, as I start to get a sense of the current academic world and what subjects it is talking about. I have begun to go deeper into philosophy, starting to express myself more fully in writing while drawing on the many thinkers DSPT has introduced me to. At the DSPT one can explore the writings and ideas of various philosophers in their historical context, and so understand better the conversation of great minds through the centuries. For example, the questions surrounding human free will grew clear once I began to write on the relationship of will and intellect as expressed in Descartes and later in Leibniz.

I see more clearly now how philosophy has progressed throughout history because thinkers keep trying to answer the same great questions. I have learned and been humbled by the amount of thought that these questions require, and now I have time and the teachers to help me study my special interest, the nature of human knowledge.