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Eiyad (David) al-Kutubi - MA Philosophy (2008)

Eiyad (David) al-KutubiDSPT - Contaact Admissions

MA Philosophy (2008)
Currently pursuing a PhD in Near Eastern Languages & Cultures at Indiana University

David was a physician who found his real passion in philosophy. A practicing Muslim, he came to the DSPT because it gave him the opportunity to put Muslim and Christian philosophers in dialogue. His thesis, "Mulla Sadra's Theory of Substantial Motion," discussed the theological implications of the theory of substantial motion for the idea of bodily resurrection. Mulla Sadra was a 15th-century Muslim philosopher popular for his works reviving ancient philosophy, similar to the work done by St. Thomas Aquinas two centuries earlier.

"DSPT offered me the opportunity to study classical and medieval philosophy, something that I could not find anywhere else in California. When Sr. Marianne Farina introduced me to the faculty and mission of DSPT, I realized that it was just what I was looking for. I am completely convinced that this was the right choice. The professors are open-minded, knowledgeable, and excel in their skill of articulating and communicating difficult questions in philosophy to their students. I hope to keep the good relationship that I have with DSPT for years to come."