Adjunct Faculty

Reflection on Joining DSPT

Fr. Michael Fones, OP

After nineteen years in pastoral ministry across the west – and across the country these last seven years with the Catherine of Siena Institute – it's a treat to be back in the Bay area and associated with the DSPT.

When I first returned to St. Albert Priory as Student Master, I shared with the student brothers in formation my goals. First and foremost, I hope to grow to love them – after all, that's the heart of the Christian vocation: to love one another as God has loved us. Second, I also want to help them discern more clearly their three-fold vocation of discipleship/holiness, state-of-life, and personal call (that unique work of love for which God created them to do). In this context, I certainly will be sharing with them some of the exciting applications of the Church's teaching on charisms and evangelization which I have learned during my tenure with CSI.

I'm very happy to be involved at DSPT this year with Field Education, and I will be incorporating some of what I've learned in pastoral ministry into the course material. I hope that what I have to offer will assist the students in the class in living up to their names – all three of them are named Christopher – Christ-bearer. I have also been invited by the Staff to be available after the Field Education class for anyone that would like to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I will be in the DSPT chapel each Thursday, for about one hour (11:30 – 12:30 p.m.).

I am grateful for and humbled by the opportunity to be involved in initial formation in our Province and to be a small part of the wonderful mission of the DSPT.