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The DSPT College of Fellows

The Fellows affiliate with DSPT to bring all areas of contemporary culture into dialogue with philosophy & theology.

Modeling how to put faith into action

The College of Fellows was established to help students apply the philosophical and theological tradition to concrete challenges facing the contemporary world. They help bridge the gap between classroom and career.

The members of the College of Fellows commit themselves to DSPT because they share our strong conviction that graduate studies in philosophy and theology are essential to addressing the significant concerns of the time.

An education in philosophy and theology is versatile. It develops the critical thinking and effective communication skills that are greatly needed in all areas of the professional world today. These are the skills that can put faith into action and transform the culture.

The Fellows bring high-level expertise from a variety of backgrounds combined with a common interest in engaging their Catholic faith with their work. They provide our students with relevant insights, networking opportunities, and advice for the future.

The laity, by their very vocation, seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs…They live in the world…in all of the secular professions and occupations. … They are called there by God that … they may work for the sanctification of the world …”
- Lumen Gentium, 31

Annual Convocation of the College of Fellows

What is the Convocation?

The annual Convocation is a conversation in which our Fellows, distinguished lay Catholic men and women, engage topics of significance to the Church and the culture from a wide range of perspectives. They offer insight and suggest questions that must be asked in order to meet the challenges we face today.

2024 Convocation of the College of Fellows

At our most recent Convocation in February 2024, a panel of our esteemed College of Fellows and our very own students addressed the topic of "The Church in the Modern World...And in these times." The discussion engaged the history and application of the Vatican II document, Gaudium et Spes (1965).

Members of the College

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