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Joseph Boenzi, SDB

Professor of Philosophy


  • STD, Università Pontificia Salesiana, Rome
  • STL, Università Pontificia Salesiana, Rome
  • STB, Salesian Pontifical University, Turin
  • Professional diploma in Education, University of Alberta
  • BA, Don Bosco College, Newton, New Jersey

Research Interests

  • Saint Francis de Sales in history and his spirituality
  • Youth Spirituality
  • Salesian Spirituality
  • Ecclesiology
  • History of the Church - modern & contemporary, Italy in the 19th century

Courses Taught

  • Church: Modern to Contemporary (HS-2195)
  • Frances de Sales: Sources & Spirit (SP-4571)
  • Church On The Move (STSP-4725)
  • Salesian Identity and Charism (SP-2130)
  • In Search of the Church (STSP-3035)
  • Devoted to God and Neighbor (SP-4295)
  • Spirituality of Francis de Sales (SP-2505)
  • Devout and Direct in Daily Life (SP-4337)

Recent Publications

  • “Visitation: Mystery of Presence, Community of Women for Women,” Journal of Salesian Studies 16, No.1 (2015): 89-102.
  • “Francesco di Sales el’Introduzione alla vita devota,” in Salesianum 75.4 (October-December 2013): 615-625
  • “Presentation: At the Heart of Francis de Sales’s Spirituality,” in Salesianum 75.4 (October-December, 2013): 611-613.
  • “Don Bosco Among a New Generation of Young People,” in Acts of the Forum Salesiano 2013, published online by Don Bosco Vorming & Animatie DBVA (Oud-Heverlee, Belgium), here.

From the Professor

In my teaching, I bring to light how the gifts of the Holy Spirit become fruitful in the life of the individual disciple and in the coming together of the Church. My courses have highlighted the experience of the great leaders and founders of the last millennium as well as the experience and ideals of contemporary Christians committed to the Gospel in the New Ecclesial Movements. I often ask my students to see the Church as an ongoing story of ordinary people who can allow the extraordinary (charisms of the Spirit, rootedness in Christ) to transform their lives so that they become signs and bearers of God's love to new generations and new contexts. My hope is that all those who study theology will not be content to leave their studies at an academic level, but will discern ways to integrate these studies with a life of faith.

In addition to teaching at the Institute of Salesian Studies and DSPT, I am often called upon to direct retreats and to facilitate workshops or in-services for parents and educators.

Selected Media