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Biblical Studies

Rooted in Sacred Scripture and the Commentary on the Sentences.


Foundational to Dominican academic formation since its earliest days, Biblical Studies is rooted in the two primary fields of study: Sacred Scripture and the Commentary on the Sentences. Taken as a whole, the field covers Jewish and Christian canonical, deuterocanonical, and extra-canonical scriptures as well as the background literature of early Israel, biblical and post-biblical Judaism, and early Christianity.

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Associated Faculty

Matthew Thomas, DPhil

GTU Faculty

Course Offerings

The following are some of the courses DSPT has offered in this concentration:

BS-1560 Intro to Sacred Scripture
BS-3455 Christianity from Christ to Constantine
HSBS-4050 Patristic-Medieval Exegesis
NT-2550 The Gospels
NT-2526 Pauline Literature
NT-2531 Acts, Catholic Epistles, & Revelation
OT-2098 Pentateuch and Histories
OT-2149 Prophets
OT-2600 Wisdom Literature
PHHS-4903 Patristics
PHST-4400 Philosophical Hermeneutics
PHST-4TBD Revelation

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