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Certificate of Theological Studies

The Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) is designed for students who wish to enrich their understanding of the Catholic theological tradition and to clarify their academic and/or vocational goals, without enrolling in a degree program. The CTS program is also ideally suited for those seeking a sabbatical through the Institute of Salesian Spirituality (ISS), an affiliated institution of the DSPT.

Under the guidance of a DSPT faculty advisor, CTS students select a program of study, with a concentration, that is consonant with personal interests and abilities, or to prepare for applying to a degree program.

Certificate students who subsequently decide to continue their studies and are accepted into a DSPT degree program may petition to have certificate coursework transferred into that program.

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To receive the Certificate, students must take at least four courses (12-semester units); at least three courses (9-semester units) must be from DSPT. The courses may be taken for either a letter grade or Pass/Fail. Students may take any courses offered at the DSPT or the GTU.

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