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MA Theology

A theology degree in the Scholastic Tradition.

This two-year theology program aims to educate leaders and academics who, by drawing upon Catholic Tradition in light of contemporary culture, can identify and address the present needs of the Church.

Students are introduced to a theology program that is both historic and systematic, ensuring that they understand the debates and struggles that have formed the development of theology in its contemporary form, and are deeply rooted in the truths of Christian doctrine.

Special attention is given to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and the unique contributions Thomistic thought has made to theological discourse. Applicants may apply for the MA Theology Thesis Option or the MA Theology Exam Option. The main difference between these programs is the capstone for the program.

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Master of Arts, Theology


The Master of Arts, Theology (MATh) program provides students with a fundamental knowledge of theology, the ability to communicate that knowledge effectively to others, and the research tools needed for advanced academic research. Students tailor their program by choosing an area of concentration that aligns with their own academic interests.

Because the approach to theological inquiry at DSPT relies heavily upon philosophical principles, all MATh students are required to take at least two specific courses in philosophy (see below).

Recommended for those with an interest in advanced graduate studies, the thesis option allows students to explore a focused area of academic research on a particular topic of interest through elective coursework and a written thesis. An oral defense of that thesis provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate skills in oral communication.

Students who enroll in the exam option demonstrate their knowledge in key theological disciplines by choosing an area of concentration that is of particular interest (Primary Concentration), and second area of concentration (Secondary Concentration) that is distinct from the first, taken from one of the three required areas (biblical studies, systematic theology, or moral theology), which becomes a focus for the Capstone examination.

The MATh degree is a two-year program that requires a total of 48-semester units. Students must complete the theology coursework as described below, the Academic Forum requirement, fulfill a foreign language proficiency requirement, and the writing and oral defense of a thesis or complete the exam in a required area.

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Program Requirements: MA Theology, Thesis Option

Program Requirements: MA Theology, Exam Option