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Filing for Graduation

Getting ready to graduate.

Getting ready to graduate

  1. Complete a Statement of Intent to Graduate form prior to the beginning of their final semester and get it signed by your advisor. This helps to identify any unfulfilled program requirements and to ensure sufficient time to complete them. Forms are due by the end of the late registration period for the term in which they plan to graduate.
  2. Start gathering signatures for the Graduation Checklist or Certificate Completion Checklist so you have enough time!
  3. Complete the Program Requirements checklist that pertains to your particular program:
  4. The DSPT Academic Dean must certify that all program requirements have been completed or are in progress, and sign the Intent to Graduate form.
  5. Submit (with all signatures) either a Graduation Checklist (MA, Mdiv), or a Certificate Completion Checklist (CTS, CPhS) with the graduation fee to the Registrar, no later than Nov 1 (fall) or April 1 (spring). Program completion forms serve to a) verify with the Registrar that all work will be finished and b) provide details for the mailing of the Diploma/Certificate after all grades have been finalized.
  6. Compete all remaining coursework, and thesis defense/capstone event by the end of the final semester. Failure to do so may delay graduation.
  7. Complete the Commencement Participation Form. DSPT holds commencement ceremonies once a year, at the end of the Spring term. All prior Fall and current Spring term graduates are invited to participate.