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Application Process

Our Admissions Office is here to help.

Application process overview

Whether you are coming directly from undergraduate studies or from a long time away from school, we want to make the application process as straightforward as possible.

1. Discern your interests and goals

Discern your interests and goals with the study of philosophy and theology. Precise answers are not required, but having some idea helps (both you and us!) to determine if DSPT is the right school for you.

2. Review our website

Applicants who express familiarity with the School’s mission, programs, and faculty distinguish themselves from less-interested candidates.

3. Review requirements and deadlines

Review application requirements and deadlines for your program(s) of interest. Fall applications are strongly preferred because of our course sequencing; admissions for the Spring semester are for exceptional cases.

Additionally, scholarship decisions are made primarily in view of Fall applications received by the Priority Deadline.

4. Complete the program application form.

This is the central piece of your application. It is the document by which you apply to the program of study. You can save your progress and return later.

5. Submit additional application items

Submit additional application items such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, GRE, and/or TOEFL scores (as applicable). Please note that such documents must be received directly (physically or electronically) from the source institution or recommender. You can invite recommenders directly from the program application form before the entire form has been completed and submitted.

If documents are sent by the applicant, the document must be sealed and signed across the opening of the envelope by a representative of the source institution or recommender.

6. Complete the financial aid and FAFSA applications.

If you wish to receive financial aid, submit these respective applications as soon as possible after starting your program application (note: the program application form does not need to be completed at the time you submit these other applications). Please note that all relevant application forms must be received by the appropriate deadline to be eligible for financial aid (February 1).

Please note: Our school code for the FAFSA application is 016673.

Important deadlines

Priority deadline
Fall semester: February 1

Final deadline
Fall semester: August 1
Spring semester: January 1

Questions about applying?

For more information on how to apply to DSPT, visit these pages. 

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