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Certificate of Philosophical Studies

Designed for students who wish to further their academic and/or vocational development without enrolling in a degree program, the Certificate of Philosophical Studies (CPhS) provides an opportunity to engage in a program of philosophical study. Through this program, students can enrich their understanding of the Western philosophical tradition, with a particular emphasis on the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Under the guidance of a DSPT faculty advisor, CPhS students select a program of study that is consonant with personal interests and abilities, or to prepare for applying to a degree program.

Certificate students who subsequently decide to continue their studies and are accepted into a DSPT degree program may petition to have certificate coursework transferred into that program.

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To receive the Certificate, students must take at least four courses (12-semester units); at least three courses (9-semester units) must be from DSPT. The courses may be taken for either a letter grade or Pass/Fail. Students may take any courses offered at the DSPT or the GTU.

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