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Course Descriptions

DSPT Philosophy and Theology Course Descriptions

These descriptions are for both philosophy and theology courses that DSPT offers over several semesters. To select courses for enrollment in the current or subsequent semester, go to Current Courses & Syllabi, or the GTU Course Schedule. All courses are designed to be offered for 3-semester units unless otherwise noted.

Please note that although all courses are listed only once, any given course may aptly fall under two or more categories at once (e.g., both philosophy and theology, both systematic and historical, etc.). A key to course field codes, course codes, and abbreviations are given below the course descriptions.

Additionally, please note that the professor listed with the course is the one who often teaches it, but this is subject to change per semester.



Course Number System

DSPT courses follow the GTU system for course numbers. Courses are grouped by fields of study, and are identified by a combination of letters and numbers. The letters refer to the field or to a subdivision of a field. The course number refers to the course level. These field codes and numbers are listed below:

Fields of Study

  • (BS)  Biblical Studies & Biblical Languages
  • (CE)  Ethics and Social Theory (includes Christian Ethics and Religion and Society: RS)
  • (ED)  Theology & Education
  • (FE)  Field Education
  • (FT)  Functional Theology
  • (HM ) Homiletics
  • (HR) Cultural & Historical Studies of Religions
  • (HS) History
  • (IDS) Interdisciplinary Studies
  • (IR) Interreligious Studies
  • (LS) Liturgical Studies
  • (NT) New Testament Studies
  • (OT) Old Testament Studies
  • (PH) Philosophy & Philosophy of Religion
  • (PS) Religion and Psychology
  • (PT) Philosophical Theology
  • (RA) Art and Religion
  • (RS) Religion and Society
  • (SC) Spiritual Care
  • (SP) Christian Spirituality
  • (ST)  Systematic Theology

Other Abbreviations Used Here

  • (MA) Master of Arts
  • (MDiv) Master of Divinity
  • (MTS) Master's of Theological Studies
  • (STD) Doctor of Sacred Theology
  • (STL) Licentiate in Sacred Theology
  • (TBD) To Be Determined

Descriptions of courses found on official syllabi, the DSPT Current Courses & Syllabi page, or the GTU Course Schedule take precedence over those offered here.