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Conference Travel Grants

Funding for students to attend academic conferences.

Application for Academic Conference Funding

DSPT has funding available for students to attend academic conferences (in philosophy and/or theology and allied fields)!

These conferences are places to meet scholars, make contacts, and – in many cases – even to present a paper and get feedback. They are a way to grow professionally and to join in larger conversations in academia, Church, and society.

Overall grants are typically limited to a maximum of $1200.00. Students may apply for funding for travel, registration fees, and lodging; no food/drink may be charged unless supplied through the conference/event (e.g., one may charge a meal plan or "package deal" supplied by the conference, such as a room & board fee; separate restaurant charges, etc., will not be reimbursed).

Students are encouraged to apply for funds as far in advance of the conference/event as possible. They should apply at least four months before the beginning of the conference/event and may expect a decision on their application no sooner than one month after the application is complete.

Funds are limited. In judging applications, DSPT will award funds according to the following criteria:

  • Completeness: The application is complete and clear, and submitted on time.
  • Standards: The event is organized according to academic and/or relevant professional standards.
  • Relevance: The event is directly related to the student’s work at DSPT and overall learning goals.
  • Active Participation: Priority will be given to a student who will be presenting a paper or making another scholarly contribution to the event (rather than merely attending).
  • No Previous Award: Priority will be given to students who have not previously been awarded such funding for another conference/event.
  • Breadth of Interests Represented: Consideration will be given to ensuring that awards are granted to students representing a variety of areas of interest (e.g., ensuring in particular that both philosophy-related events and theology-related events are considered, if possible).

To apply for funding you need a recommendation from a faculty member in addition to filling out the form here.

Please have your recommendation and any questions emailed to Bianca Bermudez.