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Cultural & Historical Studies of Religion

The spiritual, ethical, and intellectual teachings of world religion.


This concentration focuses on comparative contemporary analysis of interreligious, multicultural and contextual religious experience. Students will learn about the spiritual, ethical, and intellectual teachings of world religions by investigating a particular religious tradition. In addition, they will reflect comparatively upon the ways these multiple perspectives have shaped human culture. In keeping with the vision of St. Thomas Aquinas, whose work engaged ideas of non-Christian thinkers, this area will examine intersections between philosophical and religious thought.

For degree requirements, please consult the Student Handbook.

Course Offerings

The following are some of the courses DSPT has offered in this concentration:

CE-3050 Catholic Social Teaching
HRRA-2050 Aboriginal Sacred Art & Music
HRST-2083 Christian-Muslim Dialogue: Theory and Practice
PHCE-4500 Aristotle’s Commentators
PHCE-4960 Faith in Human Rights
PHHR-4100 Philosophy of Religion: India & West
PHST-4377 Disputation I: Ancient / Islamic Sources
RSCE-5003 Western Social Thought II
ST-4141 Professions of Faith
ST-4047 Agents of Transformation
STRS-4217 Indonesia Theological Immersion

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